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Growing Farm Awareness

Echo Valley Farm is a working farm in the hills of Tennessee and is a member of  the Tennessee Association of Agritourism. This program is part of our passion to promote quality growth and development of agriculture in Tennessee.
You are invited to visit a Tennessee farm to experience farm life. There is so much to see and share with the wide range of farms in our local community of Tennessee. We’d love to welcome you through our gates. We are a faith-based family living and working on the land. We strive to offer a healthy balance of friendly companionship, as well as reflective privacy.

Where Food Really Comes From

With generations of Americans so far removed from their food sources and nature in general, spending time on a farm is not only edifying but also truly rewarding. At Echo Valley Farm, we’ve come to appreciate the land, the wildlife and the connection with the soil, our animals and farm life. We believe those connections are meaningful to the core of our lives – may we all appreciate what the land has to offer.

You know, not everyone is made for the farm but everyone can make the decision to look local and find out where their food is from. Get outside, explore this world and do something with your wild and beautiful life.


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