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Breeding Cattle for Homesteaders & Families


We have found our passion at Echo Valley: breeding and raising Dexter cattle as well as the ever popular Angus.

Black Angus

Although Dexters are our farm’s passion for breeding, we are excited to have introduced Angus to our farmland once again. Some folks prefer a larger animal, and Angus fit the bill. Our Angus have a Limousine cross, giving the beef a leanness with beautiful markings. Our Angus are sourced locally as young calves, and we raise them to an age of  12-16 months.


Small But Mighty


Originating from Europe and at 70% the size of an Angus, Dexters are one of the smaller beef breeds. This small but useful breed is known for its milk qualities, superior beef production and gentle spirit, which make them one of the premier choices for homesteaders and families wanting to raise their own cattle. Additionally, Dexters have wonderful mothering instincts, which help protect against predators. In addition it is an interesting fact that Dexter cows can raise two calves at one time without much human interaction.

Grass Fed & Finished


All cattle are roaming animals and designed to survive in herds. This has been going on for ages – it’s only in the past few decades that many commercial producers have gone to feeding these animals to gain high fat content or boosting with growth hormone for quicker harvest – not so natural ways. We prefer to allow our animals to roam as they wish – staying on the move for grass they enjoy. We believe this makes for a happier and healthier cow. We do not feed anything but natural minerals and never use antibiotic, unless to save a life. We do have Non-GMO options for grain finish if that is what you prefer. Feel free to schedule a time to talk or take a look. Just go to our Contact Page for more information  or click HERE.

Sonny Hobbs

Co-Founder & Cowhand

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